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Any design, any color, any size, any shape, any animated style, is available. Thickness is less than 1 mm. 12V DC, 24V DC or 48 V DC is possible.

EL Car Appliance
An EL lamp consists of light emitting phosphor sandwiched between two conducting electrodes one of which is optically transparent allowing light to escape. As an AC voltage is applied to the electrodes, the electric field causes the phosphor to rapidly charge and discharge, resulting in the emission of light during each cycle. Since the number of light pulses depends on the magnitude of applied voltage, the brightness of EL lamps can be controlled by varying the operating voltage and frequency.

1. Harmless- No ultraviolet ray, it is good to human body.
2. Shape arbitrarily- To manufacture the every kind of shape according to the customer
3. Power is low- At the electricity measure very low hour it also can give out light
4. Thin- It is the most thin to amount to 0. 18 mm below
5. Flection- Give out light under the every kind of shape, can the flection give out light then adapt to the product's shape can even fold.
6. No Fever- It is a cold light source that electricity give out lights the slice, working hour have no temperature to rise and the work temperature is more lower than fluorescent lamp.
7. Ray is even and soft- Do not gleam and can't make the eye produce the strain, tired feel.
8. Quankproof- The el sheet is different from the other light products. It's not easy because meet the outsider impact but expiration
9. Life time- EL life span therefore half the period( bright degree of half) come measuring of that time is 3000-25000 hours

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