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Company NameHao Yyang Polyurethane Products Manufacturer
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Product Description

Our main production and operation of the classification of specific products are the following:


1. The nano polyurethane (150 ℃ temperature resistant polyurethane)

Features: high strength, high heat resistance, 30 ~ 50 ℃ higher than that of common polyurethane heat resistance

Our factory independent development and production of nano polyurethane elastomer, has excellent strength and abrasion resistance, excellent heat resistance, hydrolysis resistance, aging resistance, polyurethane elastomer is a new generation of heat type. It can be used in common polyurethane products is difficult to adapt to the harsh conditions, such as high temperature, high speed; Cup, such as oil drilling mud pump in high temperature and high pressure polyurethane sealing ring, textile machinery, textile high-speed, high-speed wire drawing drafting roller friction plate (film), Laura piece, etc. Application in high performance polyurethane has broad market.


2. High speed polyurethane roller (¢57 mm weight of 12 kg 6000 r/min Can work continuously)

Features: high speed, low heat generating resistance, high strength, high wear resistance, high durability

This product is high strength special polyurethane modified varieties, excluding butyl hydroxy composition. Specially modified polyurethane elastomer has a general high elasticity, low friction coefficient, and under the condition of high speed rolling and high strain hysteresis loss is small. The characteristics of endogenous heat is small, be applicable to the high speed (more than 15 ~ 20 m/s or more than 50 ~ 70 km/h) work. This is a new special high performance polyurethane elastomer. Breakthrough the polyurethane application under high speed limit, it will greatly broaden the use range of polyurethane.


3. High performance polyurethane seal (pu tube billet, polyurethane seal)

Features: high strength, high pressure and high durability

Aiming at the existence of ordinary PU products in a variety of shortcomings, we have adopted more advanced raw materials and special production technology, to produce the special rubber sealing ring has the property of casting glue good performance, permanent deformation, and the advantages of small thermal plastic molding process, the advantages of good, stable product quality are two TPU and CPU technology and technology perfect combination. The high performance of PU seal excellent heat resistance and aging resistance, the inner quality and appearance of the product quality have reached a higher level.


4. Resistance to solvent-based polyurethane (resistance to solvents and solvent pre polymers)

Features: ethyl ketone, acetone and ketone solvents

Ketones is the bane of ordinary PU products, we have to improve the performance of adopted more advanced raw materials and special production process, produce plastic injection property good, kiss ketone is low, the advantages of resistance to solvent coefficient reached the international advanced level. The product can be used in a lot of printing industry.


5. Environmentally friendly polyurethane (PU pre polymers: type PMG PTMG)

Characteristic: the product can be up to Europe and the United States import standards, no environmental pollution

I plant production of environmentally friendly polyurethane adopt international advanced technology, the free isocyanate extracted from pre polymers, volatile NCO < 0.01 (national standard: volatile NCO < 0.1), the products can pass the European Union, the United States and other western countries technical detection.


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