Five color sound activated

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Product Description

 Software product is thin, paste in the car after the window (or side) position as you see fit, with a dedicated drive unit, connected to the 12V DC power supply to light the lights, glow at night to show off cool, equivalent to rear of the car light as a reminder to improve your driving safety at night, your car is to add style and charm!
1 Cold light: working without heat to avoid heat accumulation associated with a range of issues.

2 flat thin light, brightness uniformity: Neon glow-tech ultra-thin crystalline films are planar light source, the thickness of 0.3 mm, the thickness of the equivalent of business cards. Overall light, all regions are able to maintain a consistent light intensity, brightness stability and soft, more realistically reflects the level of picture clarity.

3 low power consumption: neon glow-tech ultra-thin film transistor power consumption is very low visibility, bending free: neon glow-tech ultra-thin crystal film of smoke, fog penetration, as the software architecture, better The curvature around, to adapt to curved surfaces on the body with.

4 rich colors: more Cool Cars character.

5 Brightness uniformity: uniform light, soft, stable, light and dark areas. Through the fog of good performance, does not produce harmful rays.

Installation 〓 〓

1, the product with a power line, usually connected to the power of small lights on, then tear off the protective film after the logo affixed to the rear windshield on the can.

2, no installation knowledge, as long as you have people who take over the power cord can be easily installed; If you feel difficult installation, you can install to auto repair shop.
   Specific installation methods: a small lamp from a car on the circuit leads to positive and negative power supply line, directly connected to, then at night when you open a small light will light up

3, this product is voice-type, with the ambient sounds jump light ...... a lot of innovation, strongly reflects the personality!

If you have your own customized LOGO need, please contact us for tailor-made issues, if customers have their own LOGO, designs need to order, such as some Cheyou logo, company logo, etc., can contact us, customer needs first to be custom-made design, size, description and other data to the effect of my company, my company according to customer requirements for the design and core prices, then the customer if confirmed, would by our proof, the proof required to pay certain fees

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